Let’s See…Wolfenstein…Factories…Nazi Robots? Wahhhh!?!?

Haha…it’s a bit hard for me to know what to make of this yet. Some reimagining of the series with good ol’ B.J. taking on a future where the Nazis are branching out from the occult and getting into the robot army business? I’m intrigued to say the least…been a Wolfenstein fan for as long as I can remember now. The original 3-D is classic PC gaming bread and butter and is STILL making it’s rounds on devices to this day. The last Wolfenstein had a pretty good single player campaign though the multiplayer was a bit of a steaming pile. Multiplayer is really not important to me anyways when it comes to Wolfenstein (or some other titles for that matter…call me crazy, but I love the campaigns of Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2 ALOT more than the multiplayer…though I was never big on CoD multi, but that’s for another article). Just give me a solid single player please. The way things look so far, Hitler in a robot suit was just a humble beginning apparently…

With this and the new Rise of the Triad coming SOON we have the basis of another resurgence on our hands that with all hope should bring us the fun we loved about these classics to a new age of gaming.

Now if only we could get that next Doom as well…

5/9/13 EDIT : HOLY BALLS! Just heard about a new Shadow Warrior title as well through ROTT’s facebook.  The titles keep coming…

– DGM-payne

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