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Alright, alright…

So the Riskening isn’t making the big switch to the Dickening (sorry, though yuma and jana are quite yummy). As you may have already noticed the aforementioned link leads to a mock-up of my 404 page. It was just one of my feeble attempts at a last minute April Fool’s Day joke. I used to do them on the forums but since they’re a dead zone right now I thought I’d try it here. You gotta admit that the Dickening would be amusing though, right? 😀

Speaking of jokes though, I always enjoy a good April Fool’s Day and this one was no exception. Woot.com’s random crap joke actually caught me off guard for a second the night before, underground-gamer’s random jumbling of the torrent titles and descriptions, adult swim’s playing of that just awful The Room movie complete with HUGE and obnoxious black bar censoring, and a just plain awesome south park episode to name a few.

What were your favorite April Fools jokes of this year?

Anyways, tomorrow morning’s my trip with some family to the Knob Creek gun show in kentucky for a couple days. I know, not game related at all, but my next post should be sometime early next week.

Until then,



Now featuring a new post every week! (aka DVDs of October)

Did I mention I was lazy? Anyways, let’s continue…

I’m a bit of a DVD collector (probably quite an understatement), as many of you might be as well, so I’d like to start sharing my DVD picks of the month of October ’08.

Starting with those already released…

  1. Cult of Cartman : Revelations – 12 Cartman based episodes for the South Park fan in everyone, including classics such as “Scott Tenorman Must Die” and “AWESOM-O”. Somewhat pointless for anyone collecting the season box sets as the only difference here are introductions by cartman for each episode (his lessons, pretty funny though) and 3 previously unreleased on DVD episodes (which will be on the next box set). It’s still a good start for anyone else though. Extras include a collectible membership card and sticker as well as a bible-esque case (although original idea and looks spiffy, does not actually snap shut which can be kind of a pain).
  2. The Simpsons : The 11th Season – You either love the Simpsons or you don’t, and if you’ve been keeping up with the season releases at all like me you probably already heard about this one. Limited edition features a Krusty head this time since they’ve already blown through the Simpsons family. Also in this set (atleast the one I got) was a Simpsons Ride express pass for up to 4 people at either Universal. Wish I had it a couple months ago when I went to Universal Orlando, long ass line but atleast you can watch simpsons clips before and the ride itself was pretty sweet…recommended.
  3. Robot Chicken : Season 3 – Newcomer Robot Chicken a few years back has since become a mainstay over at Adult Swim, featuring the same bold stop-motion comedy you’ve come to love. Usual special features include deleted animatics and scenes, alternate audio, commentaries, etc. Speaking of Adult Swim though, anyone see those Williams Street County Fair and Expo commercials? Certain lucky bastards at certain universities around the US get to check it out. If you’ve been to one, tell me about the awesomeness please…you bastard.

And those coming out tomorrow…

  1. Family Guy : Volume 6 –  Freakin’ Sweet! This is another series that you’ve probably been collecting all of or nothing at all. Best Buy bonus is a lithograph for the 100th episode and Target has a signed script and poster thing, apparently. I think I’ll check out the Target version.
  2. The Incredible Hulk – What you could possibly need 3 discs for in a special edition movie is beyond me, but I’ll still be picking it up. The movie is on par with recent Marvel movies such as Iron Man and Edward Norton does a bang up job as Bruce Banner. Target has some sort of “tearing up a brick wall” edition with YET another disc (Making it 4, Wowee…COUNT ME IN!).

In other news, my first spam comment has been blocked on this site by Akismet. Oh Joy! Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Oh, and my birthday’s tomorrow! The big 2-OH!

Man, where does the time go…

In the words of my favorite anime, of which I just watched the movie for yet again today,

See you space cowboy!


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