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A further look at eco-box types… (aka the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

It’s been almost a year now since I first visited these nuisances to DVD (and occasionally video game) kind, and I figured I’d review some of the different types of cases I’ve noticed lately because obviously I have nothing better to do than ramble on about these types of things (if you don’t like it or don’t care anymore I believe Google can find you something else to waste your time, kthxbye). Why there are this many variations of DVD cases I don’t have the slightest clue, but here’s a few of them in what I like to call…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…of Eco-boxes

The Good:

I would love to shake the hand of the person who came up with this design. It’s the best balance between cutting down on plastic and regular DVD cases I’ve seen thus far. Dubbed a “eco-lite” (or atleast that’s what it says on the spine), you should notice that there are rectangle-ish and square areas on the left and right sides respectively in the plastic that are cut down lower than the rest of the case. As far as eco-boxes go, I’m just fine with this type of case since it doesn’t risk the integrity of the case by punching damn holes in it. I haven’t run across that many of these ones yet which is a shame because these are the only ones that are completely A-OK in my book.

The Bad:

This one I really don’t know what’s going on. It’s like it’s trying to be a hybrid of the lite and regular eco-box cases that’s not quite at either side of the spectrum. I would also technically file this under Ugly because it just plain looks fuglier than the regular eco-boxes with the recycle symbols (in my opinion). In the words of my favorite Boris, “Better luck next time, slugheads!”. I also haven’t seen all too many of this type (thank God…).

The Ugly:

Well, these ones are just your run-of-the-mill recycle symbol type with holes punched left and right and every which way. These are by far the most common now (among any DVDs really) so I’m sure you’ve run across atleast a few of them. I already talked about them in my first post about the dreaded eco-boxes so I won’t bother posting another picture.

Honorable mention of annoyances in DVD cases – The case clasps…

These things have been around for God knows how long now and are among some of the biggest random annoyances to DVD kind. I don’t know what possessed anyone to invent these clasps in the first place but they must have been pretty paranoid about case security. If you haven’t seen them yet then you’re quite lucky to not have to be bothered by them. They’re just plain annoying that’s all for something that is just completely unnecessary.

That about wraps up this installment of eco-box ranting. If you’ve noticed any different types of the “eco-box” that I haven’t listed yet then I’m all ears to hear about them.

– DGM-payne

(P.S. – look for another Heavy Rain post soon…)


What is this…Eco-box? Really?

This week I’m going to continue my tirade on the current state of DVDs, for lack of something better to talk about.
Recently these new style of DVD cases caught my attention, the so-called “Eco-box”.


Sure, it uses “20% less plastic” than the average DVD case and it’ll help save the world or whatever (or they’d definitely like for you to believe) but it also compromises the sturdiness of the case and possibly DVD itself.


Notice the puncture on the left side of Travolta’s lips and the one on the back on the side of the info at the bottom that both happen to line up with the missing hard plastic case. Coincidence? Hardly, both areas are just plain flimsy without the case behind it. There are also a couple other random indents but luckily the DVD itself was unharmed. Apparently all Sony movies will be this way from now on. I’ve already encountered 3 like this including Quantum of Solace, Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, and Broken Arrow (seen above). Ugh, what’s next? The all flimsy carbon neutral cases that futurama movies have used thus far?


– DGM-payne

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