Riskening 2009 : A Retrospective

The new year is upon us and we should all be looking forward to the next and all it has to offer in entertainment…BUT let’s take a moment to look at the ups and downs of Riskening for the past year, shall we?

January –

My old hosting failed me. (Big surprise…NOT)

February –

CoD : WaW and the start of a beautiful thing… (aka Resident Evil 5 demo)

March –

The old host fails…AGAIN. (surprised yet?)

The Resident Evil 5 coverage begins! (teaming up with my cousin)

…and Continues! (eat it Wesker!)

Nintendo is starting to get the picture (maybe) that we need more space on the Wii than they give us. (how about some more online games too?)

April –

Starting to get excited about Terminator Salvation… (and not disappointed regardless of what the naysayers have to say)

The Anticipated List is starting to take form. (it’ll grow in due time)

The 360 fails by way of the dreaded e74! (and the PS3 gets a little extra lovin while he’s gone)

I give my 2 cents about what was missing from RE5. (still a great game though, I forgive you Capcom)

May –

Tacos at Midnight Doritos disappoint me. (if I wanted to eat some taco seasoning I would’ve just ripped open a bag and chugged some down)

Atleast the Red Dead Redemption trailer picked my spirits up. (and the new gameplay one is even more exciting) 

We recieve some sad news about the development team at 3d Realms. (but DNF will push on and maybe we’ll actually be able to play it…someday)

I give my opinion about digital copies… (you know, those things that come with certain DVDs that I’m sure they charge you extra for AND that you have to use before a certain expiration date)

…and the new Eco-box craze. (here’s a hint, they suck)

Japan continues to make awesome commercials. (Oh Japan, you so crazy!)

What better way to celebrate Memorial day than with the first major Modern Warfare 2 trailer? (answer: it doesn’t get much better than that)

We learn a thing or two about game shipping precautions. (this has been a Riskening.com PSA)

The Terminator Salvation game, unlike the movie, disappoints me. (rushing licensed games out the door doesn’t pay, kids)

June –

Nazi Zombies postpones the new Anticipated List. (you win this time zombies!)

3d Realms continues to battle with it’s publisher Take-Two over Duke Nukem Forever. (FIGHT!)

The new look for Max Payne emerges…through several screenshots. (looking pretty scruffy man)

July –

We take a look at some of the latest and greatest titles in terms of Co-op play. (we’re in this together now)

The long overdue Anticipated series is underway at last. First up, Wii! (you know you want these games)

We learn a thing or two about stacking the dead. (in video games…of course)

Hey PS3! You’re up to the Anticipated stand. (bring on the exclusives)

August –

Nazi Zombies threatens the status of the Anticipated series AGAIN. (this time with a little help from Splosion Man)

The Anticipated List is starting to wind down…but not until we get through this feast of multiconsole goodies! (part 1)

September –

The Anticipated series goes out with a BANG! (and a heaping load of upcoming titles)

I try my hand at a DVDs of the week post. (maybe this will even become a regular thing someday?)

A suprisingly good week for us Co-op gamers comes along out of the blue. (it’s about time!)

October –

We took a little break. (hey, if I got paid for this I would be much more adament about keeping up with posts but alas…)

…until we get back into the swing of things with some of my favorite titles of the moment. (atleast my 21st birthday was this month too! 😀 …on the 21st may I add)

November –

I try to get back into DVD picks of the week again. (it was a nice try, right?)

The switch to a new web host begins at last! (and well overdue if you ask me)

…looks like things are going good on the new host, no? (even though it’s not hard to beat the old one)

December –

The Bayonetta demo astounds! (January’s looking to be a good one)

The DGM Wiki goes back online after much neglect. (sorry buddy, atleast you’re all upgraded and cleaned up now, right?)

An Animal Crossing Christmas greeting appears! (Awwww…)

…and there you have it! All the good (games and dvds), the bad (away time) and the ugly (hosting problems) of the year 2009.


from riskening.com, and have a safe and healthy one.

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