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5 games I’ve been playing lately…and love.


1.) Left 4 Dead ( Game Consoles : Xbox 360 , Windows ) – I’ll be quite honest, I’m very much into zombie games, movies, etc…yet I hadn’t bought this game, until just recently. The price is definitely right now and with the sequel just on the horizon it’s about time to get into it. I’m quite glad I finally did too. Not only does it have fast paced zombie action (which it has plenty of, no doubt) but it’s also a very satisfying cooperative experience, one which is pretty hard to top. We all know how much I like co-op already. The special infected in the first game were quite interesting to say the least (witches and tanks, anyone?) and I’m sure they have plenty of new things in store for the sequel.


2.) Dead Space ( Game Consoles : Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 , Windows ) – Here’s another one that I grabbed once the price came down drastically (thanks platinum hits). Being a survival horror fan I like to try out new titles whenever possible and this one did not disappoint (especially for a $20 price tag). The creature design, weapons, and environments all work together beautifully to produce a genuinely freaky atmosphere. Although there’s not too much in the replayability department. Co-op/multiplayer or more add-ons other than new suits and weapons might have helped, but it’s still one hell of a ride while it lasts. There’s a counterpart for the Wii out now that I’ll probably check out eventually. There’s also a sequel that’s in the works right now. Can’t wait to chop up some more creatures!


3.) Ghostbusters ( Game Consoles : Xbox 360 , Windows , Nintendo DS , Wii , Playstation Portable , Playstation 2 , Playstation 3 ) – It was really like playing in a Ghostbusters movie this time around. I’m really glad that all the original actors were back for voice work and character models and the story was written by the original creators (Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd) because it really did make the game an authentic experience true to the movies that we love. Being able to step into the suit of one of the ghostbusters (a nameless new recruit) and using the original equipment against old foes (such as Mr. Stay Puft, above 😀 ) and new ones alike is quite fun. I like when the achievements are named after quotes from the movies too, it adds a certain nostalgia to it all. I haven’t tried the online multiplayer yet but it’s a nice idea. Soooooo…who you gonna call? (sorry, I had to)


4.) WET ( Game Consoles : Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 ) – I talked about this one a bit already in my Anticipated series (check it out, if you haven’t already) but now I’ve had a chance to finally dive into it. I’m only about half way through the game so far but I’m quite amused already. It’s a great combination of over-the-top action and catchy rocking music. The atmosphere is grindhouse movie alright, from the katana slicing and dicing and slo-mo gunning acrobatics (and a RAGE mode here and there). Like unrealistic movie type action sequences like free falling from a blown up plane (while avoiding non-stop debris nonetheless) too? This game’s for you! It’s just plain fun with unique characters to boot. I like to think of it as a cross between John Woo’s Stranglehold and No More Heroes, which are also both entertaining games. Are you ready for some wetwork?


5.) Wii Sports Resort ( Game Consoles : Wii , of course ) – It’s time to get some Wii into this list, and what better than one of the first titles to use the new Wii Motion Plus accessory. Resort brings alot more to the table than the original sports had, including frisbee, swordplay, archery, wave racing and more. A couple sports also return with improved controls like golf and bowling but what really shines are the new ones. The swordplay and frisbee games are a couple of my personal favorites. Great party game AND it comes with the Wii Motion Plus accessory (or two if you get the new 2 pack copy that came out earlier this month) so what’s to lose? I can’t wait to see what new titles will also make use of the accessory.

There you have it, my most played titles for the month.

Woah…I also just realized that this site is over a year old now. Man, time sure does fly.

– DGM-payne


Games and games and games…of October.

Hey everybody! Happy Columbus day to all of you.

Here’s the next edition of games of the month for October…let’s take a look at a few upcoming releases:

Dead Space (360 and PS3 – 10/14, PC – 10/20) – EA’s take on a sci-fi survival horrorish story. I haven’t been following this one too much, but it looks pretty neat based on what I have seen. Think Doom 3 atmosphere with a bit more horror game elements thrown in.

Wii Music (10/20) – Nintendo’s take on music games (like Rock Band) that have been oh so popular these days. Only they want you to get together with some friends and “improv” music for the pure joy of playing (There are no mistakes! They turn it into pretty music for you! Oh joy!). Featuring “60-plus” instruments and nintendo classics such as the Super Mario Bros. theme (of course). Other modes include playback, orchestra, tone quiz, and a virtual drum set.

Castlevania: The Order of Ecclesia (DS, 10/21) – I already covered this one a bit in one of my previous posts (as well as it’s fighting game counter-part, coming next month). I’m still pretty excited for this one.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS – 10/21, PC – 10/28) – New York City is invaded by a symbiote invasion and it’s all up to spidey to save the day. Also involved are the always foxy Black Cat (which I was checking out the screens on ebgames.com and all had her for some reason…?) and Wolverine (who I also caught a glimpse of in symbiote form today in a new trailer on xbox live), just to name a couple. Featuring a revamped combat system, red/black (symbiote) suit switching on the fly (even during battles to create combos), and a morality meter that your actions will effect whether you’re deemed hero or vigilante. I guess this will have to do until Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 comes out. I completely recommend the first one for 2-4 co-op play.

Legendary (360, PS3 – 10/21, PC – 11/4) – A shooter where you fight giant birds and other mythical beasts (or something…). Literally any apocalyptic happenings (those unleashed from Pandora’s Box) are fair game. Screens look pretty, but we’ll see. Moving on…

Fable 2 (360, 10/21) – I probably should have played the first one more but I guess it wasn’t really my cup of tea (for lack of a better phrase). The first one was quite well praised among RPG fans. I do respect the whole choices and consequences motif though, something you don’t see too often. I hear he has a new canine companion in the next installation too. Hmmmm…?

Far Cry  2 (PC, 360, PS3, 10/21) – Can’t say too much about this one because I haven’t even tried the first one yet, but I’ve heard good things.

Fallout 3 (PC, 360, PS3, 10/28) – A new take on 2 classic RPGs. Mmmmm…nuclear ravaged land. Next…

Red Alert 3 (PC – 10/28, 360 – 11/11) – Again, I covered this one in my earlier post. I watched another trailer on the 360 today that was a “remix” (or mash-up) of the all-star cast of characters for the cinematics, which also included George Takei saying the infamous All Your Base Are Belong To Us (wow…just wow). This is probably the title I’m most looking forward to this month. I’m just itching for some new RTS action and since Starcraft 2 is still well away, that just leaves…

(Disclaimer: The following has not been deemed worthy enough for a picture, Thank You for your cooperation)

Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer (PC, DS, 10/14) – I was looking through new releases on EB Games and found my serious WTF? moment of the month. Developed by Ubisoft, so maybe there’s some tactical/espionage factors involved with these dogs. C’mon guys.

Well, that about wraps up my main releases list of the month.

On a side note about the Wii though, I’m really starting to worry that Nintendo blew their load early this year. Sure, there’s Wii Music now and the new Animal Crossing and Castlevania game in about another month…but what other real worth while exclusives are coming before the end of the year? Please let me know if you find any because I’m at a lose right now.

Until next time,


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