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The things I do for Gamerscore…

Argh…I’m almost going crazy with Bionic Commando: Rearmed right now. I just had to take a break from it.

Getting all 12 “Yaschichis” (secret pick-ups for each level) was bad enough, but now I’m stuck on the final level, which is quite long and tedious, because I have to restart the whole thing after getting pounded by the boss.

Heh, atleast Castle Crashers is keeping me somewhat sane. 😉 Awesome game, almost through it in single player. Should play some multiplayer soon but it’s hella fun anyways.

Add me on Xbox Live: DGMpayne

As far as XBLA games go I like to play Doom online as well. I have quite a few other games, arcade and otherwise, so just check out my profile if you wanna know.

PS: I broke a total gamerscore of 10,000 recently with the help of Lego Indiana Jones! Hoorah!

– DGM-payne


Summer games wrap-up…to the X-treme!

First of all, Happy labor day everyone! (or labour to our canadian fellows out there)

Be as lazy as possible, YOU’ve earned it with all your hard work! 😀

Me, I was painting at my brother’s new house last night. He’s getting married in a little over a month from now so there’s lots of work to be done. I’m pulled into some of it, of course.

Lesson of the day:

Painting white on white ain’t easy…and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, liars. It’s all just a blur.


Primer is a bitch to get out of hair and skin. Even after taking a shower I was finding plenty on my legs and hands still.

Anyways…let’s get to the games now, no?

Since I’ve been playing alot of the XBLA’s Summer of Arcade series lately, I’ll be focusing mostly on those involved.

In order of release…

  1. Geometry Wars 2 – The original will forever be a classic shoot ’em up and the second kicks it up a notch with many new modes of play. Whether you’re slaloming through explosive gates in Pacifism or running from bubble to bubble in King and everything in between, it’s all quite addicting.
  2. Braid – Time manipulation and puzzles has always been quite riveting plus an interesting story to boot. I just wish I was better at it…sometimes getting those puzzle pieces ain’t so easy, is it?
  3. Bionic Commando ReArmed – Never really got into the original despite trying many NES games, I dunno. The remake is quite fun though and I eventually really got into the whole arm swinging thing…after much practice and try after try, of course.
  4. Galaga Legions – A new take on old school galaga. Enemies are more mobile than ever, swooping in from all directions. To counter, you’re given “satellites” to position that will automatically fire in the direction you point it. Take control of some of the galaga to use as your own as well. Sounds good, no?
  5. Castle Crashers – Another creative and funny masterpiece from the guys who brought us Alien Hominid, The Behemoth! This time it’s even more about the multiplayer with up to 4 players and beat ’em up action! Insane bosses and enemies galore! Nuff said!

Until later,

– DGM-payne

(FYI, the Resume page is up now.)

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