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Mmmmm….DVD goodness.

I really don’t post much about sales but this time I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t noticed already, Target is having some great sales on DVDs this week (thanks father’s day). Only $4 for some great classics and some newer DVDs for only $10, how could you lose? I bagged myself quite a few today and I’d advise you to get on down to a store soon too if you’re interested it what’s offered.

Some $4 selections (that I picked up) : The Shawshank Redemption, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Anchorman, Zoolander, Casino, Minority Report, X-Men 1-3

Some $10 selections (that I picked up) : Yes Man, Gran Torino (Woot! New releases ftw.), and Hancock

Another one under the $10 was Defiance that I picked up last weekend for a bit more. Dang…sometimes you just can’t tell. Luckily Seven Pounds was also $10 at Best Buy a couple weeks ago when I got it so that was good atleast.

Anyways, there’s also some pretty good (not as great, but decent) deals on Blu-rays if that’s your sort of deal instead. Target is really giving places like Best Buy a run for their money this week considering they don’t have nearly as great deals this time around.

Check out the Ad if you haven’t already.

Until next time,

– DGM-payne

P.S. – I haven’t forgotten about the anticipated list yet, I’ll get around to it ASAP.


Does anyone actually use digital copies?

As you may already know I buy quite a few DVDs and I’m getting kind of tired of seeing all these digital copy special editions everywhere. It would be nice if some of these special editions offered some other decent special features other than the digital copy but many 2 disc editions fall short of this (and not to mention the ones that offer only the digital copy as extra). Sure, I get it’s the most convenient way to get the movie on to your ipod, psp or what not but there are other ways to rip the movie that you paid for on to your portable devices. Albeit slightly more involved but still rather easy ways. Is that convenience really worth the extra cash for that special edition? What also makes me laugh is the expiration date that you have to use the digital copy by. Give me a break.

Sounds like a marketing scheme to me…

– DGM-payne

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