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Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 3c : The last of the list! (but certainly not the least)

This is it, the final part of our Anticipated series for this year (and a good portion of next year I’m sure) in video games.

Don’t worry though, this is only the start of many things to come in the rest of the year.

So without further ado, let’s start ‘er up!


  • Alan Wake game consoles : Xbox 360 – This psychological thriller has definitely been long in the making, considering it’s first announcements back during E3 2005, but we’re finally seeing some good details and sneak peeks surfacing. Alan Wake (seen above) as you may know already is the author character that you play as, who travels to a small town to try and spark up his writing career once again. That is, until his wife disappears and he’s plunged into a nightmare of a story. Light is the main driving point of the gameplay from then on out. Not too long ago I was watching a demo from E3 showing some gameplay in which the flashlight was the primary weapon disintegrating shadowy types of enemies with a pistol and shotgun to finish them off. The demo also featured flares and other types of light traps to keep the enemies at bay. The game has a day/night cycle with researching the town during the day and the enemies coming out at night. Right now Remedy is focusing on a Xbox 360 release first, but a Windows version will also probably release later. I’ve been a big fan of Remedy’s work on the Max Payne series so you can probably tell I’m quite excited for this release as well (slated for a spring 2010 release at the moment).


  • Bioshock 2game consoles : Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , Windows – The second game in the series will serve as a prequel to the events of the first game, set 10 years before. In this one you will get to play as a prototype Big Daddy of the enemies seen in the first game. This time around in addition to using the usual plasmid abilities the player is also able to use the drill and rivet gun (with different types of ammo) thanks to the Daddy’s suit. Also new to the series is the ability to dual-wield plasmids and weapons AND explore the sea floor (thanks to the diving suit again). Being a Big Daddy this time around you’ll still be looking for the Little Sisters but this time around instead of having the option of rescuing them you’ll have the option of adopting them to help you harvest the sweet sweet ADAM you desire (or just harvest the ADAM from the Sister after you capture her if you prefer). While getting to the Sisters involves dealing with other Big Daddies of course, these aren’t the only ones you’ll be facing. Meet the Big Sister (pictured above) who, after defeating a certain amount of rival Daddies, will appear and being much leaner and quicker than the Daddies will stop at nothing to harvest YOUR ADAM and collect the Sisters to turn them into something like her. If you adopt some Little Sisters they will give you a bit of forewarning when a Big Sister is about to appear, so that’s pretty nice of them atleast. In addition of single player, there will also be multiplayer this time around involving a civil war between plasmid test subjects. The first game was a unique experience and I have good hopes that the second will up the ante. Originally slated for a fall release this one has also been postponed to early 2010.


  • Starcraft 2game consoles : Windows – Here’s another one that, like Alan Wake, has spent quite awhile in development. Originally it was planned to be a single game but pretty recently (atleast in the grand scheme of things) has been announced to be released as a trilogy instead. Although all three of the usual races (Terran, Protoss and Zerg if you need a refresher) are going to be available for skirmish and multiplayer battles from the first installment onwards, each game of the trilogy will deal with a separate race in it’s single player campaign. The first of the trilogy is titled Wings of Liberty involving the Terrans, followed by Heart of the Swarm with the Zerg, and ending with Legacy of the Void with (you guessed it) the Protoss. Most units and structures from each race in the first game will be returning with a few new ones here and there and some of the old ones tweaked to spice things up (check out the official website if you want to see them all). Some familiar characters like Jim Raynor, Kerrigan and Zeratul from the Terran, Zerg and Protoss races respectively will also be returning. In more recently it was announced that they would not be including LAN into their multiplayer portion, the reasons they say to make people use Battle.net and fight piracy. Luckily this has caused a bit of outrage and petitions in the community and they’re starting to decide other options it would seem. All I really have to say on the matter is that it would greatly missed by me atleast if they don’t include it, considering how much my brother and I used to LAN the first game. Right now it’s slated for a early 2010 release BUT as you probably already noticed their release dates can (and have) changed alot due to their “It’s done when it’s done” motto and depending on what else Blizzard is working on (*cough* World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 *cough*).


  • Postal 3game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – This is kinda one of those guilty pleasures. Sure, the series has never been critically acclaimed or anything like that but it’s always provided me with that sort of wacky and stress relieving fun that I love (and I’m sure many of you do too). The latest game in the series is no different and they’ve come a long away from their humble isometric shooter beginnings of the first game that was banned in several countries. Take for instance the badgersaw weapon (seen above), a quite literal badger chainsaw of sorts seen in some gameplay footage so far. Another weapon that has been hinted at but not seen is a lab monkey that reacts to a laser pointer. This is just a taste of the over-the-top-itude that makes the Postal series lovable to play (and I’m sure there won’t be a lack of gimps and Gary Coleman as well). Don’t worry, the gas can and matches from Postal 2 are also returning. This time around it’s a third person shooter instead of first person like Postal 2 and uses Valve’s Source engine instead of Unreal’s engine. It’s also the first time that the series is hitting consoles as well instead of just Windows/Mac/Linux, which might also explain for the longer development time (considering they’re also planning a port for PlayStation 3). No official release date yet but I’d expect we’ll probably see this one sometime in 2010.


  • Bayonettagame consoles : PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 – Think of this one as Devil May Cry to the next level, featuring some of the same type of melee and weapon combat that made that series. Only as Bayonetta though, you’ll be dealing with alot more shape-shifting, spells and a greater number of firearms. As you may have noticed already she has quite long hair, this is where the spells and shape-shifting come in. As crazy as it may sound, she actually transforms her hair into the different magical spells against enemies. Not only this, but her costume is also made up of her hair and deteriorates (to a certain degree) and regenerates as she uses these attacks. As far as firearms go you may have also noticed that she has four pistols by default, one for each limb, that adds to the crazy and blisteringly fast fights that are quite entertaining to watch at the very least (check out some of the preview videos for a taste). This is only the start of a whole array of weapons that includes other firearms as well as a katana and whip. This one is slated for a October release in Japan but we’ll have to wait until January 2010 to get a crack at it.


  • Dead Rising 2game consoles : Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , Windows – You love zombie games, right? This one takes place a few years after the first game with a new main character and new fictional city to fight through, Fortune City (modeled after Sin City itself, Las Vegas). Enter Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion who finds himself in a casino during the major outbreak and slew of zombie hordes. In addition to the zombies, the psycho characters and survivors to rescue (or not) are back once again. What’s not returning this time is the photography portion, sorry Frank West. Oh, but there’s more zombies and an assortment of new objects to fight them with now also (roulette table seen above). It’s been confirmed that there will be a new multiplayer component in addition to the usual single player game but no details have been released yet as to what it will involve. As opposed to the original which was Xbox 360 exclusive, this one will hit PlayStation 3 and Windows as well. Also being developed by Blue Castle Games and only published by Capcom this time around, but some of the original team members are returning to work on the sequel. This one’s expected to release sometime spring 2010 in case you were wondering when you can get a piece of mass-zombie action once again (may I recommend Nazi Zombies in the meantime?).

Whew…lemme catch my breath for a second. The last six can be found after this short break.

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Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 3b : First half of the rest…

Long overdue, here’s the first half of the rest of Riskening’s Anticipated in usual summary style. This list will round out the rest of our anticipated for 2009 and first part of 2010 (again, no particular order here other than I tried to group in most of the closer games in the first half of the list).

Let’s begin!


  • WETgame consoles :  PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 – Sounds kind of like a dirty title, right? The trailer assured me that the title comes from the term “wet work” (aka dirty work) or in other words the kind of jobs that people like assassins take that usually involve death and destruction. I didn’t really know too much about this game before I watched the trailer. Hell, I only heard of it maybe once or twice before then. The trailer was enough to intrigue me though to say the least. Meet the femme fatale assassin whose work involves just as the title suggests, hacking and shooting her way through the baddies with over the top blood. Not very suprising that they’ve continually compared their game to Tarantino movie style (considering the sword and blood gushing especially that screams Kill Bill). It also promises a 70’s grindhouse style that includes the gritty film filter and the campy type of quirky enemies. It was enough to sell me on the idea. Let’s just hope they deliver a solid experience.


  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2game consoles : Nintendo DS , PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation Portable , Wii , Xbox 360 – Formerly subtitled Fusion, this newest addition of the Marvel game series and sequel to the first Ultimate Alliance ups the ante of the co-op gameplay that made the first installment a blast (check out my post about co-op gaming if you want more about the first). The Fusion part came from the new system for combining powers and attacks between characters introduced in this game. The sequel is set during the Civil War storyline in the Marvel universe if you’re familiar with the comics. If you’re not familiar it, it involves a Superhuman Registration Act enacted by the government with superheroes on both sides of the fence (for and against it). Certain characters are locked to a side while others can play on either with an ending that changes depending on your choice of side. Most of the playable characters are returning from the first while a few new ones are also showing up to fight this time around. As you probably already know by now, I loved the co-op experience of the first game and I’m definitely ready for more.


  • Batman : Arkham Asylum – game consoles : Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , Windows – The game begins with Batman taking Joker in and all hell promptly breaks loose. With the help of Harley Quinn, the Joker locks down the asylum and releases all the prisoners with Commissioner Gordon and Batman trapped inside…and then the fun begins (it looks like Batman is about to whoop the Insane Clown Posse above). Not only is there beat ’em up combat and stealth attacking (like swooping down on an unsuspecting villain) but there is also a good balance of Batman’s other specialty, detectiving. Thanks to a special visor and various gadgets Batman can get his detective mode on as well to help him with clues and even a bit of x-ray for spotting enemies. As another plus this game is actually based on the comic mythos unlike most of the past games that were either based on movies or other media. I had a chance to try out the demo for 360, which I recommend if you haven’t tried yet, and I’m pleased with what I see so far.


  • Wolfenstein – game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – Yes, I know this one actually just came out but I had to talk about it because it was one of our most anticipated for quite awhile. Raven and Id software bring us the latest in the Wolfenstein series, and sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, simply titled…Wolfenstein. The SS are back again with even more occult powers than ever and only one man can stop them, special agent BJ fresh from the destruction of the ubersoldat (super soldier) project (Return to Castle Wolfenstein). New weapons (like the one shown above) and a new power called “The Veil” are introduced. The game was developed from a massively improved id Tech 4 engine, the powerhouse behind Doom 3 and Quake 4. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Co-op mode is absent (which I quite liked about the xbox version of RtCW) but the usual multiplayer modes are still present. The multiplayer portion uses the engine behind Enemy Territory : Quake Wars and involves 3 unit classes which sounds pretty good and I have a bit of experience with that game as well. All in all, if it has a solid single player campaign I’ll be satisfied with it.


  • Lost Planet 2game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – 10 years after the events of the first game, the planet is thawing and the Akrid are amassing more than ever against the corporation collecting thermal energy (T-ENG). The Vital Suits (mechs) are back and some can even be co-op piloted now to accompany the up to 4 player co-op. Yes, did I mention the 4 player co-op? It’s a great addition to the series if you ask me and completely absent from the first game. If co-op is not your bag, the usual 16 player multiplayer modes are also returning. Also new on the block is the ability to customize characters including body, classes and weapons. Even better, the demo recently released on the 360 featuring a boss battle with the big ol’ creature pictured above (one of many epic boss battles included in the next game). Each boss can be be taken down in a variety of ways including riding on it’s back or even getting shallowed and taking it down from the inside (ala riftworm from Gears of War 2 style). If you don’t play with friends in co-op then AI bots will accompany you in battle. The demo is pretty short, containing only this boss battle, but it’s still a very nice taste of what’s to come.


  • Assassin’s Creed 2game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – Assassin’s Creed is back again after a pretty mysterious ending to the first game, and I hope some questions are answered. The setting of the next game takes us to Italy during the Renaissance with historical figures, including Leonardo Da Vinci (who actually helps the main character with gadgets and weapons throughout the game), and locations. The main character is Ezio, an assassin who is a descendant of Altair (from the first game), and plots to get revenge on the families that murdered his father while watching over his mother and sister. The game features plently of new weapons and vehicles to drive, such as a flying glider made by none other than Da Vinci as seen in one of the trailers. In addition there’s also updated ways to take down your enemies and more ways to hide when the heat is on. From what we’ve heard so far the game is starting to really sound like a new and improved experience building on the first.


  • Rogue Warriorgame consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – This one comes to us based on the novel of the same name by real-life navy seal leader (and founder of different divisions) Richard Marcinko. Originally announced in 2007, the game has shifted from modern North Korea (when it was also titled Rogue Warrior : Black Razor) to 1986 USSR and North Korea. In addition to being a tactical first person shooter, the game also heavily relies on many different one-on-one “kill moves” (pictured above). I do enjoy a good shooter based ruthless combat, especially when it’s based on real-life events and people. It’s a good change of pace from the sci-fi.


  • Raven Squad : Hidden Daggergame consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 – I don’t really know TOO much about this game other than that it takes place in the Amazon jungles of the near distant future and it’s a combination first person shooter and real time strategy. Quite a unique combination that is I must say as well. I’ve been a long time fan of both genres but I don’t think I’ve experienced a combo-genre like this yet. It also includes offline/online Co-op play for the campaign as well, which is ALWAYS a good thing. The combination at the very least has definitely piqued my interest, hope we see a demo release.


  • Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – I’ve been a fan of the Call of Duty series ever since the first one for PC and as much as I loved the WW2 settings I also thought that Modern Warfare was a great change of pace with the modern take. Among other updates, the engine for the next game has been modified to accommodate larger worlds and graphics rendering. I’m also glad that they decided to include a offline/online Co-op mode this time around, something which was missing from the first game. The multiplayer portion is returning with the familiar XP system with a few new features, such as 15 unlockable kill streak bonuses that can be selected and equipped by the player (the AC-130 gunship bonus was recently shown on a reveal trailer for the multiplayer portion). I’m pretty excited for this one to say the least.


  • Max Payne 3 – game consoles : Windows , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 – Max Payne is 12 years older now…and he’s working in Brazil as private security. This is the first game in the series to be developed by Rockstar instead of Remedy. Similarly, he’s also definitely looking alot different these days with his overwhelmingly bald and scruffy new appearance. Few details are known so far but we do know that dual wielding with different types of guns (such as a pistol and automatic), human shields, and a cover system are involved. It was originally slated for a late-2009 release but it has since been pushed back to early-2010 now. Which I don’t mind TOO much, as long as Rockstar does a good job in continuing my all-time favorite series.

Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 3a : Multiplatform Bonanza! (and others)

Again, I’m a bit behind in posting this but after the release of  Splosion Man, new Nazi Zombies (Der Reise), and DVDs it’s no surprise really…

This list will conclude this year’s Anticipated series, here you’ll find the best of the rest. Most are multiplatform titles (with a couple exceptions). I will most likely be breaking this down into 2 lists of 10 games each. So without further delay…

  1. Max Payne 3
  2. Alan Wake
  3. Bioshock 2
  4. Starcraft 2
  5. Assassin’s Creed 2
  6. Postal 3
  7. Bayonetta
  8. Dead Rising 2
  9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
  10. Batman : Arkham Asylum
  11. Dark Void
  12. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
  13. Red Dead Redemption
  14. Wolfenstein
  15. Doom 4
  16. Duke Nukem Forever (Haha…yeah, I can continue to dream right?)
  17. Splinter Cell : Conviction
  18. RAGE
  19. Rogue Warrior
  20. Lost Planet 2
  21. Raven Squad : Hidden Dagger
  22. WET

Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 2 : PS3 Edition

Our featured video game console of this section of the Most Anticipated is the PlayStation 3.

Next up in our Anticipated series we’ll be tackling Playstation 3 exclusive titles. Like the Wii list it’s another 10, no particular order. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing most of these titles until atleast 2010, but let’s begin…


  • Agent – Recently announced title by Rockstar, not much is known about this PS3 exclusive so far other than the title and setting (hence the logo above). What we do know is that it will be about counter-intelligence and espionage during the Cold War. You’ve got my interest already…screenshots, please?


  • Heavy Rain – Dubbed by the director as a “very dark film noir thriller with mature themes” and with a tagline “How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?” I believe it. This game is a bit different than the typical, it’s basically an interactive movie that is gameplay driven by context sensitive and quick time events. The story follows 4 playable characters in pursuit of a serial killer only known as The Origami Killer. Actions effect the course of the story and the death of a playable character can also change the direction. I usually enjoy a good thriller, so sign me up!


  • Katamari Forever – When I first heard that this game would be part tribute to the original with some old levels I was a bit disappointed…before I got all the details. It’s a mix of 30 levels with some old and some new. The old levels are told as sort of a flashback through the King’s amnesia, where the Prince needs to return color to a black and white stage by rolling up a you-know-what. Back in the present with the new levels the Prince needs to rebuild the stars destroyed by a RoboKing (it’s always something isn’t it…). The newest game also adds 2 new moves : Prince Hop which jumps the Prince up into the air using the controller’s motion controls (which sounds kinda similar to button pressed moves from pervious title) and even more useful King Shock which sucks nearby objects in (oooooooh…me likey). In addition to the new high definition format graphics they also added filters (see screenshot for one) including cel-shaded, color pencil, and wood grain. Finally, the soundtrack includes remixed titles from previous games. Whew…sounds great to me.


  • L.A. Noire – Again, not too much is known so far about this Rockstar published game. We did atleast get a trailer awhile ago which the above screenshot is taken from. The fact that it’s a detective story with film noir is enough to get me interested. It’s set in a 1940’s Los Angeles solving a series of murders. Let’s do this!


  • MAG – Short for Massive Action Game, MAG is a PS3 title that definately lives up to it’s name. This MMO First Person Shooter will boast a new server architecture with online battles up to 256 players who are further divided into smaller squads. Three factions and ongoing faction-based campaigns is the name of the game. Being an MMO it will feature class and appearance customization. I’ve never been into MMO’s BUT I might have to try this one sometime.


  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – I bought the last 2 titles when they first came out for xbox and 360 (respectively) but this version is also looking pretty worthy with it’s additions. First of all it adds the 2 new playable femme fatale characters Ayane (pictured above) and Momiji both from previous games. Also featuring new enemies and bosses, but most importantly of all a new offline/online Co-op mode (although offline co-op is technically not really co-op since second player can ONLY be AI controlled, lame). In a past post I’ve already expressed how I feel about Co-op so you can tell it’s a pretty big plus for me atleast.


  • Quantum Theory – Sure, it looks alot like Gears of War in character (beefed up armored main character with arms like tree trunks) and enviroment (jagged harsh architecture, cover system, and weapons) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Meet Syd and his female sidekick Fillena who both must battle their way through a living tower taking cover on whatever they can as the tower mutates. They also encounter many a towering (no pun intended) and fearsome monster along the way. Good times indeed.


  • Twisted Metal – Even less is known about this newest Twisted Metal other than it’s a PS3 exclusive and this teaser picture that shows our beloved Sweet Tooth in a mushroom cloud (which is pretty damn cool if you ask me). I’ve always been a fan of the Twisted Metal series, especially Black and it’s awesome cutscenes and truely twisted character stories (along with Paint it Black as their credits song). Hope they can return and deliver another class A title for the PS3.


  • God of War 3 – I never played the first 2 or the PSP game (I know, I know…I probably should) but I needed some filler for the 10 PS3 exclusives and I thought that this would probably be something fans are really looking forward too.


  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Again, I’m not really that big of a Final Fantasy fan (the most I’ve ever played is Tactics) but this is a pretty big exclusive title upcoming for the PS3 so I had to add it to the list.

– DGM-payne


Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 1 : Wii Edition

Our featured video game console of this section of the Most Anticipated is the Wii.

I know, I know…it’s been awhile in the making but I’ve finally decided to jump in. I’ll be breaking them down by console exclusives (then multi-platform), starting with the Wii. 10 games (no particular order), some of these titles are pretty close while others are a bit farther away (we hope before the end of 2010) but nonetheless we’re excited for all of them.

Let’s begin!


  • New Super Mario Bros Wii – Graphically it looks alot like the New Super Mario Bros for the DS, but the big change this time around is the up to 4 multiplayer. Mario, Luigi, and 2 Toads return to cooperatively (or competitively, depending on how you play it) dash through the worlds collecting coins and beating the Koopa kids, also featuring Yoshis to ride on (pictured above). The lack of online multiplayer is a bit disappointing but considering Nintendo and online gaming it’s not that big of a surprise. Hopefully it’ll atleast deliver a solid offline mode.


  • Metroid : Other M – Nintendo and Team Ninja (creators of the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series) together, some people might be a bit skeptical about the combination into a long standing series, but I’ve been a pretty long fan of Team Ninja’s work and I think that they’ll deliver some new action and fresh story to the series (and I’ve been an even longer metroid fan). It appears to be a combination of third and first person based on the trailer and screenshots. The trailer also showed some beautiful cutscene work that has been pretty lacking in the series. I think most people’s worries is that Samus might be too “ninja-y” this time around but I really don’t mind possibly seeing Samus in action with some new moves this time around (and kicking even more ass than ever). That’s why I’m interested in seeing what they do.


  • Sin and Punishment 2 – I didn’t have too much experience with rail shooters, but when the first game came to Wii I thought why not check this out. Having never even heard of the original from the N64 days since it was a Japanese only title I had no idea what it was about. After I started getting into it I was a little bit confused by the story but that didn’t matter to me too much because the gameplay rocked. It was the true fast paced action that got me hooked and I can’t wait for more of it.


  • Silent Hill : Shattered Memories – Silent Hill has been a staple in my survival horror diet for a good amount of time now. This new Wii title, dubbed as a sort of re-envisioning of the first game in the series, is bringing new gameplay variation to the table. Once again a title being worked on by american developers instead of the original japanese team, one of the main differences is the abandoning of combat driven gameplay for much more evasion rather than confrontation of the monsters encountered. They will also be putting to use the motion controls for fleeing and puzzle solving, among probably other things. Another interesting bit is a psychological profiling of sorts at the start of the game that’s suppose to play into the game as a whole depending on how you answer. Based on what we’ve seen so far it certaining sounds like a fresh experience full of new ideas and I hope they pull it off well for the sake of the series.


  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Mario is coming back with all new galaxies to explore! If you’ve played the first one at all you know just how fun it was to fly around with Mario in space, exploring crazy new worlds never before seen in the Mario series. This time Yoshi also returns (much like New Super Mario Bros) but this time he has a couple new moves, including a tongue grapple and eating fruit for various abilities. Sounds good to me, bring it on.

Check out all 10 titles after the jump!

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