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Games and games and games…of October.

Hey everybody! Happy Columbus day to all of you.

Here’s the next edition of games of the month for October…let’s take a look at a few upcoming releases:

Dead Space (360 and PS3 – 10/14, PC – 10/20) – EA’s take on a sci-fi survival horrorish story. I haven’t been following this one too much, but it looks pretty neat based on what I have seen. Think Doom 3 atmosphere with a bit more horror game elements thrown in.

Wii Music (10/20) – Nintendo’s take on music games (like Rock Band) that have been oh so popular these days. Only they want you to get together with some friends and “improv” music for the pure joy of playing (There are no mistakes! They turn it into pretty music for you! Oh joy!). Featuring “60-plus” instruments and nintendo classics such as the Super Mario Bros. theme (of course). Other modes include playback, orchestra, tone quiz, and a virtual drum set.

Castlevania: The Order of Ecclesia (DS, 10/21) – I already covered this one a bit in one of my previous posts (as well as it’s fighting game counter-part, coming next month). I’m still pretty excited for this one.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS – 10/21, PC – 10/28) – New York City is invaded by a symbiote invasion and it’s all up to spidey to save the day. Also involved are the always foxy Black Cat (which I was checking out the screens on ebgames.com and all had her for some reason…?) and Wolverine (who I also caught a glimpse of in symbiote form today in a new trailer on xbox live), just to name a couple. Featuring a revamped combat system, red/black (symbiote) suit switching on the fly (even during battles to create combos), and a morality meter that your actions will effect whether you’re deemed hero or vigilante. I guess this will have to do until Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 comes out. I completely recommend the first one for 2-4 co-op play.

Legendary (360, PS3 – 10/21, PC – 11/4) – A shooter where you fight giant birds and other mythical beasts (or something…). Literally any apocalyptic happenings (those unleashed from Pandora’s Box) are fair game. Screens look pretty, but we’ll see. Moving on…

Fable 2 (360, 10/21) – I probably should have played the first one more but I guess it wasn’t really my cup of tea (for lack of a better phrase). The first one was quite well praised among RPG fans. I do respect the whole choices and consequences motif though, something you don’t see too often. I hear he has a new canine companion in the next installation too. Hmmmm…?

Far Cry  2 (PC, 360, PS3, 10/21) – Can’t say too much about this one because I haven’t even tried the first one yet, but I’ve heard good things.

Fallout 3 (PC, 360, PS3, 10/28) – A new take on 2 classic RPGs. Mmmmm…nuclear ravaged land. Next…

Red Alert 3 (PC – 10/28, 360 – 11/11) – Again, I covered this one in my earlier post. I watched another trailer on the 360 today that was a “remix” (or mash-up) of the all-star cast of characters for the cinematics, which also included George Takei saying the infamous All Your Base Are Belong To Us (wow…just wow). This is probably the title I’m most looking forward to this month. I’m just itching for some new RTS action and since Starcraft 2 is still well away, that just leaves…

(Disclaimer: The following has not been deemed worthy enough for a picture, Thank You for your cooperation)

Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer (PC, DS, 10/14) – I was looking through new releases on EB Games and found my serious WTF? moment of the month. Developed by Ubisoft, so maybe there’s some tactical/espionage factors involved with these dogs. C’mon guys.

Well, that about wraps up my main releases list of the month.

On a side note about the Wii though, I’m really starting to worry that Nintendo blew their load early this year. Sure, there’s Wii Music now and the new Animal Crossing and Castlevania game in about another month…but what other real worth while exclusives are coming before the end of the year? Please let me know if you find any because I’m at a lose right now.

Until next time,



Riskening’s Top 5 anticipated in Gaming

This one’s gonna be a bit text heavy, but bare with me…I’m not used to the whole blogging thing yet.

  1. Resident Evil 5 – My god…I’ve been watching every trailer patiently for a year now and I can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve been waiting for the newest installation of the resident evil series. Even covering the origins of the original virus, I just hope the story lives up to it’s expectations.
  2. Alan Wake – The next major title by developers Remedy Entertainment, the guys behind the Max Payne games, bring us a “psychological action thriller” about a writer fighting the nightmares that haunt him and the search for his missing fiancee. From the details I’ve gathered so far it sounds like a mind-fuck on par with the likes of games like Silent Hill 2…me likey.
  3. Red Alert 3 / Starcraft 2 – This ones a bit of a split. I’ve been quite the RTS fan ever since I’ve even started computer gaming and these are two titles of long running series that are bound to pack a punch. Sure, the C&C series has been a bit flaky since EA got in charge but C&C 3 ended up suprisingly better than I expected. They’re kicking up the stakes for the third in the red alert series with a new division besides the original allies and soviets…the Empire of the Rising Sun (Japan). I’m sure Starcraft 2 will also be nothing short of brilliant. If it’s anything like the original, I’m bound to be playing it years after release ( I enjoy the occasional LAN game with my brother with the original to this day).
  4. Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia – Igarashi continues the series of hit castlevania games with the newest iteration on the DS since Portrait of Ruin. With plenty of new locations (20 in all, with a overworld map) and a new magic glyph system, bringing in all castlevania fans alike. Also connects with the new Wii game (see below).
  5. Duke Nukem Forever – This one’s kind of a joke…but NOT really. There isn’t much more that I’d love to see in the gaming industry other than my old pal Duke Nukem to make a triumphant return (other than maybe another Max Payne game… *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*). Duke Nukem is the original bad-ass and the wait for a new title has been EXCRUITIATING (to say the least…). I’ve been playing some Bionic Commando ReArmed recently on the live arcade and that bastard starting reminding me of who other but Duke Nukem. I mean, mainly by appearances mostly. He’s no where near the same bad-ass-itude or catchy one-liners that makes Nukem so lovable.

Honorable Mentions of the Moment:

Gears of War 2 – What can I say? The first one was pretty epic. Including a tough as nails Insane difficulty only rivaled by games like the Ninja Gaiden series. I just hope the campaign of the new one has enough story to keep me hooked again.

Lego Batman – Played Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga. Loved it. Just finished Lego Indiana Jones. Loved it. Legos…just all around love them. One of my favorite superheroes + legos = Win freaking win!

Tiberium – New C&C (Command and Conquer) first person shooter that supposedly takes place after the third tiberium war (C&C 3 and Kane’s Wrath). The last C&C foray into FPS-dom was kinda a flop (Renegade), but we can only hope that this time around it actually has some story behind it.

Banjo-Kazooie : Nuts and Bolts – The first banjo-kazooie adventure since the N64 days and a low $40 price tag? Sold. Now if only there was a new Conker game… 😉

N+ – (No, that’s not a plus minus…) The freeware ninja game that originated for the PC comes to the DS and PSP after hitting the xbox live arcade. Collecting gold, fighting against the ticking clock while avoiding deadly traps…what’s not to love?

What?!?! Moments:

Castlevania Judgement – Konami’s announcement for a castlevania-based fighting game to hit the Wii exclusively was shocking to say the least. Can be connected with the new DS game to unlock content and will be using full advantage of the Wii’s motion controls for combat. Seeing all the old characters of the series duke it out in fighting style will be INTERESTING indeed…

So there you have it…Any questions?

– DGM-payne

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