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Say it ain’t so…

Ouch… :-\


What started out as rumors about 3d Realms demise are starting to look more and more true (this after Wolfenstein 3d just turned 17 as well). It looks like the developer of such titles as Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3d, and Shadow Warrior among many others has reached it’s end. The rumors were also confirmed by Joe Siegler, 3d Realms webmaster, in a post made on the official forums saying:

It’s not a marketing thing. It’s true. I have nothing further to say at this time.

Funding issues have been cited as the reason for closure. Recently resurrected Apogee and Deep Silver (developer of the Duke Nukem trilogy to hit the PSP and DS  starting with Critical Mass this upcoming Fall) are not effected by this situation but Duke Nukem Forever’s fate is shaky at best. Take-Two retains publishing rights to DNF but who knows what’s next. Well, there goes any recent progress on the infamous DNF…

If this is indeed true I’d just like to wish good luck to all the employees of 3d Realms and a big thanks for the great work over the years on fantastic games.

R.I.P. 3d Realms 🙁

For more info check out:

Shacknews, Joystiq, etc. etc.

UPDATE: Tasty gameplay footage and new images have emerged since the official goodbye on the 3D Realms website.


(Almost) 500 Duke Nukem 3D kills (and other things)

As you may know, I’ve been hammering away at Duke Nukem 3D quite a bit lately. All achievements unlocked but one…the 500 kills in ranked matches. I reached 379 after about 100ish kills in a few matches last night and hope to reach 500 within another night or two. 😀

Below is the post-stats of one of my better matches last night. Won with 25 kills, 11 deaths on Stadium (which is pretty fucking hectic with 7-8 people, if you’ve ever played it you’d know) and 3:18 minutes.

Crappy screenshot (rechargeable batteries died and I could only squeeze out one shot)

In other news I also bought Silent Hill : Homecoming yesterday and Lego Batman earlier last week, both on 360. Silent Hill even came with a Pyramid Head keychain (yay! circuit city bonus). Only got a bit of a start on Homecoming, but I’m liking it so far. I also like how some of the achievements pay homage to past silent hill games (like silent hill 2) and Akira Yamaoka does a great job with the music as usual.

Saturday’s my brother’s wedding, gotta pick up my tux later today.

Upcoming, a closer look at some of October’s gaming releases and maybe (hopefully) finished About me and Projects sections…after the wedding.

Until then,


EDIT (10/3/08): I hit and passed the 500 mark last night…w00t! Only second game I’ve got 100% achievements on (first being Doom).

Possible Spoiler…click more to see it.

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