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Terminator Salvation’s (the game) formula

Picture this…

Wasps (small flying robots) -> Spider-bots -> Endos/Skinjobs (that still sounds dirty to me, but maybe that’s just me) -> HK (Hunter Killer, big flying robot)/Vehicle mission

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It wasn’t necessarily THAT bad of a game, it’s just that there was SO much more that they could have done with it. First of all it was a bit repetitive although some of the vehicle missions were kind of fun. Second, only offline Co-op. That was quite disappointing. Also only 11 simple achievements for a full length game? Most games have atleast 30, that just seems quite lazy. Finally the length of the game has also been subject of complaint, but I wasn’t really expecting that much considering the price and that it is a licensed game.

The mechanics for a great game are there, they’re just not presented as well as they could be.

Hearing some of the classic terminator music within the game was definitely nice though, almost soothing in a way.

– DGM-payne


The Terminator Salvation trailer almost gave me a woody.

No seriously, when I was watching the finale of Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight and saw one of the newest full length trailers for Terminator Salvation it was quite exciting. I don’t know whether it was the choice of music (The Day the World Went Away by Nine Inch Nails, great song and very suiting) or just the badass machines in general but it got my attention. Christian Bale is rocking as well. Anyways, here’s the one I’m talking about:

The very ending of the Sarah Connor Chronicles left me a bit confused, but atleast I’m excited as ever for the movie next month.

So the movie takes place in 2018…hey guys, skynet’s not too far away at all. 😉

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