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First of all, apologies for the lack of updates over the past couple weeks. I don’t have much excuse for the past week (other than maybe playing Gears of War 2 with my cousin), but this week was a different story completely. It was a string of hosting problems starting with a mysterious apache type error while trying to access the admin section of this site a couple days ago and ALL active index pages (.html and .php) being replaced with a “If you are seeing this message, some website files were deleted.  Please reupload your site.  If you need any assistance, please submit a trouble ticket.” page instead. Excuse this rant about my current web hosting, but I feel I must get this out there.

If you are considering investing in any part of  U.S. NetworX web hosting (The X must make them XTREME), I would strongly advise that you keep looking. I’ve had the same host (well, technically) for quite a few years now and there were indeed better days. These were days when the site was called Integra Host, a smaller personal type of web hosting. Good prices and great support (the few times I did need it, far less than after the switch) were had by many. Then a couple years ago, the company got bought out by the corporation there today. Horrible support and lack of upgrades (some of which they get to and don’t even notify) riddle this shell of what used to be. The only thing I can be grateful for is the uptime, which is almost perfect lately.

Take for example the index page problem I mentioned above. I submitted a support ticket last night and when I got a reply today the guy assured me these files were user created and had nothing to do with the system. Sure, when I first encountered the problem I thought it the work of a hacker at first because similar things have happened to my pages before, but this quickly changed. Generally speaking though for hacker work you’ll usually find some malicous code within the php or mysql or some sort of callsign for the hacker, both of which I found none after plowing through both the files and database. After further review of the problem with a fellow admin of the group, we both concluded that it seems suspicously the work of the host itself. He noticed a different Apache version number as well, which I had missed. Shady, no? If this is the case, don’t you think the host should be a bit responsible, right?

I’ve been a trooper for putting up with previous troubles from this host, but I’m seriously considering switching hosts when this subscription period ends (which sucks, because I just renewed back in November). Anyways, if anyone can shed some more light on that index page problem please let me know. It’s still a bit of a mystery to me. You know where to contact me. I’ve replaced a few of them, but still a couple more to go. Another weird thing was the fact that it only happened to the pages in use by the domains/subdomains, a few other ones (for example, different themes for this site) were untouched.

End rant.

That’s about all I have right now other than the fact that it’s been crazy cold here lately (6 degrees as of this posting) with wind chills in the negatives. It’s lasted a few days, but the good news is that it’s actually suppose to get up to double digits again tomorrow.

I guess there really IS light at the end of the tunnel…

– DGM-payne


Follies at Ollie’s (and other Craziness)

(Here’s a random update…ENJOY!)

So I was at Ollie’s Outlet today, it’s a clearance item place for anyone that hasn’t heard of it, and noticed more wackiness than usual (only my second time there since it popped up in my location, but whatever). We first stopped at the Christmas stuff near the front door. My Mom was looking through the christmas cards and I joined in. Everything was fine and dandy until I came across a pack of cards with a photo of two live monkeys on the front (from some zoo foundation or something). I don’t know about you, but nothing says “Happy Holidays” to me like a couple of monkeys hugging in the wilderness. Next up was the book section, which has a wide selection of bibles and inspirational titles for some reason, but that’s not where the larfs were at. You like cooking with chicken, right? Well, you haven’t EVEN scratched the surface until you’ve used the fine title “Now You’re Are Cooking With Chicken” (yes, that seriously was the title), and I only found a price in pounds on the back that only added to the confusion (c’mon brits, step it up). This combined with a DK book about cats found in the cooking section only added to my amusement. You also like puzzles, don’t you? May I recommend SNAKES ON SUDOKUS, the fine official puzzle book of the movie. Moving on…passing through one of the food aisles I noticed at the end…wait, that can’t be real…Crab seasoned popcorn, seriously? No thanks, buddy. Behind all the farce though, I did actually find a few good buys (which is the other half of the allure of ollie’s). Including a copy of Enemy at the Gates (book), Universe At War ($5 game), The Dead Zone (dvd), Suicide Kings/Wagon’s East double feature (dvd), and Blaze of Glory (some 90’s true crime movie, only picked it up because it had Bruce Campbell and only $3 like the rest).

That’s my ollie’s story of the day.

The other part of the night after I got home was spent reading up on how much the WCG200 router/modem combo by Linksys sucks for atleast a good half an hour. I got stuck with one of these when my brother moved into his own place. PLEASE do not considering buying this or any other modem/router combo if you plan on doing anything more than regular web browsing. Limiting the connections while torrenting helped me but it’s only the tip of a huge dung heap of problems (ie. this unit has been known to not play friendly with wireless, port forwarding, vpn, large file transfers, torrenting or anything else with many connections). Do yourself a favor and buy a seperate modem and router, you’ll thank me.


Well, good news is that a new version of WordPress is out and I WILL update it soon. Other than that, expect atleast 1 more post (more if you’re lucky) from me before Christmas.

Until then,



And all that jazz…

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, but I guess I’ve been busy breaking in my new PC, getting used to Vista again and drooling at games that run soooooo smoothly even maxed out and resolution cranked up (which I hadn’t been able to do on my old ‘puters). My brother built it for me on friday night (right after I finally got everything) since he’s got the experience with hardware that I’m lacking. In addition, my bro’s stag was saturday night and I had to help move some furniture on sunday…so it was a bit of a busy weekend.

Woah…and it’s wedsnesday already? Damn, time DOES fly.

Overall, things are going pretty smoothly with the new PC. Just hit a bit of a snag yesterday though, because of Vista updates only. The night of putting together that PC I also updated Vista fully (took a hell of a long time, but did it). In April, there was an “important update” (also required for service pack 1) that apparently caused some screwy results with usb ports in some computers. It was mostly a mouse and other controlling device problem that would cause them to not be recognized by Vista. I wanted to use my new Razer Diamondback 3G instead of a shitty mouse I used when we first plugged in my beast, and I knew it wasn’t a driver problem because I tested the mouse on the family computer (which also uses Vista). After doing some searching about the update online I finally found that solution. Luckily I was able to get my new mouse working and recognized, but having to go that round about way to “hack” it is fucking rediculous to begin with.

I guess that’s just microsoft’s way…ya’know?  *sigh* 😐

I’ll try to get around to the Projects and finishing About Me sections…ASAP. Maybe update WordPress as well (although it feels like I just did that already :/ ).

Anyways, I feel satisfially (is that a word…? It wasn’t underlined in red, so it must be A OK. :D) ranted out for now.

Until next time,

– DGM-payne


Hooray for a new desktop!

I recently ordered parts to put together a new desktop ‘puter later this week when I get them all. 😀

Here’s the set…

Don’t really have much of a plan to have multiple vid cards right now, but the potential’s there for sure.

I’m not really a hardware buff, but my bro’s helped me out alot…and he’ll be setting it up for me as well. He owes me anyways from all the painting I’ve been doing for his new house…hehe.

Until next time,

– DGM-payne

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