Resident Evil 5, CoD : WaW, and what not…

As you Xbox Livers know by now (or should unless you live under a bridge), the Resident Evil 5 demo had finally hit the US. No more having to use the Japanese demo and WE can play Co-op as well. I’ve also been salivating over the Collector’s Edition recently, albeit heftily priced it’s still a wonderful collection of bonus goodies. I’m a bit strapped for cash right now but the collector and resident evil fan in me will not take no for an answer. I watched a video over Live today talking about the features and was plesantly surprised by hearing about the alternate control scheme. The marketing guy for Capcom mentioned that in addition to the default Resident Evil 4 style controls, there would be a more “Gears-like” set (being able to run and gun being cited as a major difference). I didn’t really have a problem with the RE 4 style, but it can be a bit akward with large groups of enemies (like the first level of the demo).

Speaking of Gears though, I had mentioned in the last post that I had been extensively playing Gears 2 online. Recently I’ve switched gears completely though (haha…OK, I’ll stop now) and have jumped back in to playing the new Call of Duty everyday. So if anyone’s interested in getting in on World at War with my cousin and I, contact me and set your clan tag to [RSKN]. We play mainly Team Deathmatch, Headquarters, and Capture The Flag, but we can try other modes too. With any luck we can get some bigger Live parties going…

One last thing as far as site updates go, the forums for Da Gaming Mafia are still down but I just need to replace the index file lost from the recent crapstorm. It’s just taking a little bit longer because I thought I had more backups for the forum files than I did (sorry, my bad). I’ll have it back up as soon as I dig up that original IPB 2.0 index file. Not that the forums were seeing that much use, but it’s nice when they actually work.

Till we meet again,


Update (2/3/09): I plan on doing a games of the month post for Febuary that should be up within a couple days, so just bear with me…

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