(Almost) 500 Duke Nukem 3D kills (and other things)

As you may know, I’ve been hammering away at Duke Nukem 3D quite a bit lately. All achievements unlocked but one…the 500 kills in ranked matches. I reached 379 after about 100ish kills in a few matches last night and hope to reach 500 within another night or two. 😀

Below is the post-stats of one of my better matches last night. Won with 25 kills, 11 deaths on Stadium (which is pretty fucking hectic with 7-8 people, if you’ve ever played it you’d know) and 3:18 minutes.

Crappy screenshot (rechargeable batteries died and I could only squeeze out one shot)

In other news I also bought Silent Hill : Homecoming yesterday and Lego Batman earlier last week, both on 360. Silent Hill even came with a Pyramid Head keychain (yay! circuit city bonus). Only got a bit of a start on Homecoming, but I’m liking it so far. I also like how some of the achievements pay homage to past silent hill games (like silent hill 2) and Akira Yamaoka does a great job with the music as usual.

Saturday’s my brother’s wedding, gotta pick up my tux later today.

Upcoming, a closer look at some of October’s gaming releases and maybe (hopefully) finished About me and Projects sections…after the wedding.

Until then,


EDIT (10/3/08): I hit and passed the 500 mark last night…w00t! Only second game I’ve got 100% achievements on (first being Doom).

Possible Spoiler…click more to see it.

Mmmm…those Duke Nukem Forever screens at the end of the gallery were pretty tasty too. 😀

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