If you need me…

Hey everybody, been very much neglecting my websites for quite a while now (noticed?), here’s a bit of an update…

Been using the 360 quite a bit lately, playing Battlefield 3 most nights or using netflix, since I got a new slim model after my birthday a few months back (you may remember my old console  RRODed again earlier last year). Also played Arkham City, Gears 3, Modern Warfare 3, RAGE, Dead Island (started, but would be much more fun with some steady co-op partners) among others pretty recently. The console’s a beauty compared to my old one so I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

Still PS3-less though, and can’t afford repairs/new console at the time being. In due time though I suppose I’ll get a nice slim there too. The new Twisted Metal is only a mere couple of days away now, right? Making it quite possibly the most awesome valentine’s day in history *fingers crossed*.  Also just read online that the “limited edition” comes with a download of Twisted Metal Black which just makes it all the more awesome. If you’re looking for PS2 classics, Black’s not one to miss.

My desktop is in the crapper right now, so I won’t be back on Steam until I work out some hardware issues. Shame because I was spending alot of time on it between sales, indie bundles (Humble, Gala, Royale) and I quite enjoy Steam for PC gaming. Should be resolved fairly soon though (I hope).

May go back to posting more regularly if I figure out another format and stick to it again, though I’m not making any promises… 😉

See you on Xbox Live!

P.S. – New episodes of The Walking Dead start TONIGHT…if you’re into that sort of thing. 😀

– DGM-payne

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