Riskening’s Anticipated List (Returns!) 2011!

Adapted from my Amazon list, and sequel to last year’s Anticipated lists, here’s a list of my top picks to watch out for over 2011 in video gaming.

You might even notice a few here from past lists, which now (hopefully) will reach the light of day. *fingers crossed*


  • Duke Nukem Forever – “If you’re a Duke fan then you’ve no doubt followed the ups and downs of Forever’s development over the years so I’ll spare you the details. What I would like to recommend though is checking out the newest trailer if you haven’t yet, which shows extensive new gameplay and a May release date. FPS lovers rejoice!
  • Gears of War 3 – “Originally planned for a Spring release date but it has since been pushed back to a Fall release. Have no fear though because Epic games plans to bring the trilogy to a close with another grand co-op campaign (with more players) and new game modes.”
  • Batman : Arkham City – “More villains, grander surroundings, and more emphasis on detectiving (alright, so it’s not a word…) among other things up the ante from Arkham Asylum’s epic beginning.”
  • Uncharted : Drake’s Deception – “Among the grade-A PS3 cream of the crop, the Uncharted series has always delivered. Here’s to hoping we actually get full-fledged co-op within the story this time around as well…”
  • Mass Effect 3 – “Still working through the games myself, but after seeing the reception of the first 2 games there is no doubt that the third is on alot of people’s anticipated lists.”
  • Portal 2 – “Portal + co-op. Nuff said…”
  • LA Noire – “Visually fantastic facial animations and environments, go check out some of the trailers so far if you haven’t already. I’ve been watching this one for awhile now and I can’t wait to see what comes out of this detective story…”
  • Killzone 3 – “Another one of those Playstation staples, if you’re an FPS lover and haven’t touched the Killzone series yet then get on it fast. The third takes place right where the second left off as the Helghan war is heating up.”
  • Rage – “Id software’s post-apocalyptic shooter/combat racer is almost upon us. If Id’s previous long running history (Doom and Quake, among others) is any indication then you’re gonna want to check this out.”
  • Max Payne 3 – “I couldn’t end my 2011 list without mentioning my favorite series, Max Payne. Rockstar games is taking the helms for the third iteration so I’m intrigued to see where they take it…”

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