Keep putting it off and putting it off and… (Welcome Back!)

Quite frankly I’ve been meaning to make this post for atleast the past month or two (or three) but I seemed to slip away from the whole blog thing for awhile there. The site’s not going away or anything like that, I just fail to update from time to time (and sometimes unfortunately, like in this case, extended time). I would have liked to share my take on some E3 titles and updates while the event was still completely fresh but I’ll still try my best to cover some upcoming titles. On that note, let’s talk about a couple things…

First off, Xbox Live’s annual Summer of Arcade is in full swing I’m sure you’re aware by now.

I’m sure you’re also probably well aware that the price of all titles shot up to $15 this year (last year only a couple were this high) which I wasn’t too impressed about. I was interested in Limbo and the new Castlevania game from the start, the rest were rather MEH to me. I played the Limbo demo when it came out but I have yet to pick it up. Considering I haven’t paid $15 for an arcade game yet I couldn’t warrant a few hours of single player play time (even if it is grand fun) to justify it, I think I’ll wait it out for a sale. I’m still a bit on the fence about the Castlevania game even, which is coming this wednesday. It looks simply awesome because of it’s new co-op and other multiplayer but if I can’t find a good amount of friends off the bat (no pun intended) to play this with I might just wait it out also.

Voting for the fate of Carmine in Gears of War 3 = Cool. Paying $1 for the avatar shirt to vote = Not as cool.

I don’t think I have to go into this one any further…but I will note that both the videos of co-op and the new beast mode are looking pretty bomb so far. EDIT : I just learned through major nelson’s website that the proceeds go towards the charity Child’s Play so not so bad I guess.

Heard of a little thing called the Kinect?

You know, that motion control thingie for the 360 that costs about half the price of a new console. That’s right, Kinect is coming this fall for $150 and as much as I think it’s kinda neat and all I think I’ll have to pass on it for now. Maybe if I was some working class shmoe who had some money burning a hole in his pocket and was looking for a new way to entertain his family with motion controlled animals/dancing/racing etc. outside of the Wii environment I might have been interested. The only thing Kinect related that has piqued my interest so far is Child of Eden and well, since it can be normal controlled as well, I think I’ll forgoe the $150 though. Best of luck to you Microsoft, trying to get a piece of that sweet Wii market.

Next, we all know that Starcraft 2 is out now at last…yet I have not partaked of it at this posting.

Since when have PC games retailed at $60 anyways? Haven’t they always been $50 at maximum? I pray to God that the other 2 titles of the trilogy are nowhere near this price. Hey Blizzard, just because this game took you 10+ friggan years to crank out to us doesn’t give you the right to hose us. Thanks. I know I’ve said this before but the lack of LAN support still pretty much bums me out as it was a big part of my original Starcraft experience. Alas, I’ll check out the sequel soon enough.

On the PS3 front…

I was twidling my thumbs waiting for the next Heavy Rain add-on, feeling less than satisfied by the first one, when low and behold I learn that they’ve been put on complete stop in favor of development on new motion controls for the game. I was not too impressed by this move by Sony (no pun intended…alright, maybe a little), who pushed for the added controls. The Move is pretty cool and all I suppose, though I still think it looks like some fruity microphone or demented bingo dabber of some kind, but is it really worth halting all add-on content completely for some new controls? I’ll let you decide…

I’m gonna be honest, being the bastard and all that I am, I’ve been neglecting my Wii lately.

Hell, I haven’t even played the second No More Heroes OR Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet. I’m sure by the time Metroid : Other M gets here though I’ll hop back on her and show her some new lovin’.

Wrap it up!

I’ve been playing Secret Armory on Borderlands lately, thanks to the Xbox Live Deal of the Week that finally had the 2 other add-ons I still needed on sale. Before that Crackdown, which I’ve almost maxed out in gamerscore now. I’ll get in on the second one once I find a decent priced copy.

Lastly, this is also Riskening’s 100th post…which I was trying to think of grand ideas for it but isn’t my return just grand enough for ya?

We’re BACK baby!

– DGM-payne

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