Looks like a pretty tasty Spring coming up…

…and by that I mean video game wise. Although by this point I’m ready for Spring weather wise as well. (thankfully out of the major recent snow storm areas atleast…for once Buffalo pulls some luck)

First things first, I’m quite excited that Alan Wake FINALLY has a release date. It was recently announced for May 18th this year. Another game that I had been following for god knows how long (atleast as long as I had been waiting for RE5, probably longer). I also took a look at the Collector’s Edition today and it looks quite tempting I must say. Not that it’s that hard to tempt me with them, as I’ve always been into the collector’s editions. Also coming out this day will be Lost Planet 2, which should serve up some good ol’ co-op action if the demo was any indication of the final product.

Even earlier in April, Splinter Cell Conviction will finally (I say finally because this one was also delayed quite extensively) will be hitting stores on the 13th. The most interesting thing to me about the newest installment is the co-op prologue campaign, which you can currently grab a trailer of as well. Hope they get it right. Closing out April will be Red Dead Redemption on the 27th which, if you’ve been watching the trailers as I have, might just have you as excited as I am for it.

In the meantime we have the first Resident Evil 5 add-on this week (YAY!), Heavy Rain next week (demo out now if you didn’t go for the pre-release one), Perfect Dark for the XBLA sometime in March (thank god…remember the winter ’09 release estimate? I do), and another RE5 add-on in early March (double YAY!) to look forward to as well.

– DGM-payne

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