DGM Wiki fully functional once again! (and MOSTLY spam-free)

You may have encountered the redirecting error while trying to open up the wiki at dagamingmafia.net/wiki for quite some time (or atleast since we changed hosts), because I know I have. I finally really looked into the problem today and found someone with a similar problem and fixed the Wiki up at last. I have a sneaking suspision that some heavy spam was to blame…here’s a taste:


A couple of the pages, like the one pictured above, were filled with spam links to the point of freaking out my AVG about phishing upon entering the page. Friggan crazy, right? Either way I cleared out the spam pages that I came across. I say mostly spam free though because I haven’t had a chance to check everything yet but I THINK I hit the trouble spots.

Also going to update the version soon as long as things continue to go well. It’s actually quite outdated at the moment, a 1.6 version circa 2006 or so. Think it’s about time to get her up to date, no?

EDIT: I probably should’ve read the update on that page before, seems like the problem might have been caused by something else. The spam was still god awful though regardless…

– DGM-payne

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