DVD picks of the week! (1st week Nov 2009)


The Taking of Pelham 123 – This movie was one of those rare times when I actually enjoyed a remake more than the original. The original was pretty good in it’s own right, but I just found it to be more wordy, less action and more comedy than the remake. Maybe it’s just the action movie goer in me but I like what Tony Scott did with it. It has a heavier sort of feeling to it than the original, which you may or may not like more, but give it a try if you’re a fan of his previous work. Combine that with great performances by Denzel and Travolta (even a James Gandolfini mayor, which was pretty amusing to see) and you get a good all around experience set around a hijacking plot.


G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra – Alright, first of all I have to admit that I wasn’t much of a fan as a child. The cartoon was a bit before my time and my older brother was the one with the toys. With that said, I’ll talk about this one as an action fan, not series fan (as to not offend the fans). As an action experience I was pretty pleased with it. The technology such as the propelled suits, camo suits, and sonic guns among many others helped keep me amused during the car chases, sword fights and other action sequences. The plot about the nanomachines is pretty interesting and adds the whole sense of threat. Being based on a classic series, expect the usual one-liners and other fan service (see the new Star Trek for another example). Even if you were dissappointed by the movie there’s always the cartoon DVDs to fall back on now also, right?

– DGM-payne

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