Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 2 : PS3 Edition

Our featured video game console of this section of the Most Anticipated is the PlayStation 3.

Next up in our Anticipated series we’ll be tackling Playstation 3 exclusive titles. Like the Wii list it’s another 10, no particular order. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing most of these titles until atleast 2010, but let’s begin…


  • Agent – Recently announced title by Rockstar, not much is known about this PS3 exclusive so far other than the title and setting (hence the logo above). What we do know is that it will be about counter-intelligence and espionage during the Cold War. You’ve got my interest already…screenshots, please?


  • Heavy Rain – Dubbed by the director as a “very dark film noir thriller with mature themes” and with a tagline “How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?” I believe it. This game is a bit different than the typical, it’s basically an interactive movie that is gameplay driven by context sensitive and quick time events. The story follows 4 playable characters in pursuit of a serial killer only known as The Origami Killer. Actions effect the course of the story and the death of a playable character can also change the direction. I usually enjoy a good thriller, so sign me up!


  • Katamari Forever – When I first heard that this game would be part tribute to the original with some old levels I was a bit disappointed…before I got all the details. It’s a mix of 30 levels with some old and some new. The old levels are told as sort of a flashback through the King’s amnesia, where the Prince needs to return color to a black and white stage by rolling up a you-know-what. Back in the present with the new levels the Prince needs to rebuild the stars destroyed by a RoboKing (it’s always something isn’t it…). The newest game also adds 2 new moves : Prince Hop which jumps the Prince up into the air using the controller’s motion controls (which sounds kinda similar to button pressed moves from pervious title) and even more useful King Shock which sucks nearby objects in (oooooooh…me likey). In addition to the new high definition format graphics they also added filters (see screenshot for one) including cel-shaded, color pencil, and wood grain. Finally, the soundtrack includes remixed titles from previous games. Whew…sounds great to me.


  • L.A. Noire – Again, not too much is known so far about this Rockstar published game. We did atleast get a trailer awhile ago which the above screenshot is taken from. The fact that it’s a detective story with film noir is enough to get me interested. It’s set in a 1940’s Los Angeles solving a series of murders. Let’s do this!


  • MAG – Short for Massive Action Game, MAG is a PS3 title that definately lives up to it’s name. This MMO First Person Shooter will boast a new server architecture with online battles up to 256 players who are further divided into smaller squads. Three factions and ongoing faction-based campaigns is the name of the game. Being an MMO it will feature class and appearance customization. I’ve never been into MMO’s BUT I might have to try this one sometime.


  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – I bought the last 2 titles when they first came out for xbox and 360 (respectively) but this version is also looking pretty worthy with it’s additions. First of all it adds the 2 new playable femme fatale characters Ayane (pictured above) and Momiji both from previous games. Also featuring new enemies and bosses, but most importantly of all a new offline/online Co-op mode (although offline co-op is technically not really co-op since second player can ONLY be AI controlled, lame). In a past post I’ve already expressed how I feel about Co-op so you can tell it’s a pretty big plus for me atleast.


  • Quantum Theory – Sure, it looks alot like Gears of War in character (beefed up armored main character with arms like tree trunks) and enviroment (jagged harsh architecture, cover system, and weapons) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Meet Syd and his female sidekick Fillena who both must battle their way through a living tower taking cover on whatever they can as the tower mutates. They also encounter many a towering (no pun intended) and fearsome monster along the way. Good times indeed.


  • Twisted Metal – Even less is known about this newest Twisted Metal other than it’s a PS3 exclusive and this teaser picture that shows our beloved Sweet Tooth in a mushroom cloud (which is pretty damn cool if you ask me). I’ve always been a fan of the Twisted Metal series, especially Black and it’s awesome cutscenes and truely twisted character stories (along with Paint it Black as their credits song). Hope they can return and deliver another class A title for the PS3.


  • God of War 3 – I never played the first 2 or the PSP game (I know, I know…I probably should) but I needed some filler for the 10 PS3 exclusives and I thought that this would probably be something fans are really looking forward too.


  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Again, I’m not really that big of a Final Fantasy fan (the most I’ve ever played is Tactics) but this is a pretty big exclusive title upcoming for the PS3 so I had to add it to the list.

– DGM-payne

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