Riskening’s Most Anticipated – Part 1 : Wii Edition

Our featured video game console of this section of the Most Anticipated is the Wii.

I know, I know…it’s been awhile in the making but I’ve finally decided to jump in. I’ll be breaking them down by console exclusives (then multi-platform), starting with the Wii. 10 games (no particular order), some of these titles are pretty close while others are a bit farther away (we hope before the end of 2010) but nonetheless we’re excited for all of them.

Let’s begin!


  • New Super Mario Bros Wii – Graphically it looks alot like the New Super Mario Bros for the DS, but the big change this time around is the up to 4 multiplayer. Mario, Luigi, and 2 Toads return to cooperatively (or competitively, depending on how you play it) dash through the worlds collecting coins and beating the Koopa kids, also featuring Yoshis to ride on (pictured above). The lack of online multiplayer is a bit disappointing but considering Nintendo and online gaming it’s not that big of a surprise. Hopefully it’ll atleast deliver a solid offline mode.


  • Metroid : Other M – Nintendo and Team Ninja (creators of the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series) together, some people might be a bit skeptical about the combination into a long standing series, but I’ve been a pretty long fan of Team Ninja’s work and I think that they’ll deliver some new action and fresh story to the series (and I’ve been an even longer metroid fan). It appears to be a combination of third and first person based on the trailer and screenshots. The trailer also showed some beautiful cutscene work that has been pretty lacking in the series. I think most people’s worries is that Samus might be too “ninja-y” this time around but I really don’t mind possibly seeing Samus in action with some new moves this time around (and kicking even more ass than ever). That’s why I’m interested in seeing what they do.


  • Sin and Punishment 2 – I didn’t have too much experience with rail shooters, but when the first game came to Wii I thought why not check this out. Having never even heard of the original from the N64 days since it was a Japanese only title I had no idea what it was about. After I started getting into it I was a little bit confused by the story but that didn’t matter to me too much because the gameplay rocked. It was the true fast paced action that got me hooked and I can’t wait for more of it.


  • Silent Hill : Shattered Memories – Silent Hill has been a staple in my survival horror diet for a good amount of time now. This new Wii title, dubbed as a sort of re-envisioning of the first game in the series, is bringing new gameplay variation to the table. Once again a title being worked on by american developers instead of the original japanese team, one of the main differences is the abandoning of combat driven gameplay for much more evasion rather than confrontation of the monsters encountered. They will also be putting to use the motion controls for fleeing and puzzle solving, among probably other things. Another interesting bit is a psychological profiling of sorts at the start of the game that’s suppose to play into the game as a whole depending on how you answer. Based on what we’ve seen so far it certaining sounds like a fresh experience full of new ideas and I hope they pull it off well for the sake of the series.


  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Mario is coming back with all new galaxies to explore! If you’ve played the first one at all you know just how fun it was to fly around with Mario in space, exploring crazy new worlds never before seen in the Mario series. This time Yoshi also returns (much like New Super Mario Bros) but this time he has a couple new moves, including a tongue grapple and eating fruit for various abilities. Sounds good to me, bring it on.

Check out all 10 titles after the jump!


  • A Boy and his Blob – The first Boy and Blob games were more confusing than anything, don’t even get me started about how insane Rescue Princess Blobette for the game boy was, but I see hope like never before in the new title. Not only does it just look beautiful, featuring hand drawn art and many layers of parallax for the background (see above), but there are also evil blobs to overcome in addition to the puzzles for the first time in this platformer series. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of jellybeans for your blob to munch on and transform, 15 in total. Whenever your blob gets scared (probably from evil blobs) you get to hug him to calm him down, how CUTE…


  • The Legend of Zelda – There’s not really TOO much to say about this title so far considering all we got at E3 was this concept art and not much more for info. What we do know is that it is still quite a ways off, probably the last to come out on this list, and that it will most likely use the Wii MotionPlus accessory for it’s sword fighting and archery (among more?). Time will tell in the next year or so.


  • No More Heroes : Desperate Struggle – Travis Touchdown is back again to work himself through another set of assassins. So what exactly is the motive this time around? The girl? Fame? No, REVENGE for the murder of his best friend. In addition to the ability to dual wield beam katanas there are familiar faces returning to the fray including Shinobu, who is also playable this time around, and of course, the lovely Sylvia Christel. There may also be more playable characters available at some point but it does not sound like there will be multiplayer right now, but we’ll just have to wait and see. For me the first game was just plain fun and the crazy different assassins added a distinct flavor to the game. It was also quite challenging at times, especially on the hardest difficulty which I never even made it past the Shinobu fight (love the song during the fight too, actually the whole soundtrack was pretty killer). If they improve upon Santa Destroy then this game will be an even more incredible experience.


  • Trauma Team – Six playable characters for the first time in the series, each with their own medical specialties whether it be orthopedics, forensics, etc. Don’t be expecting to battle crazy strains of viruses (I’m looking at you GUILT and STIGMA…) this time around since they’re going for a more realistic approach to ailments than before. The tools will also vary from doctor to doctor depending on their specialty. Another improvement (atleast in my opinion) is that they’ll be reworking the way that they do cutscenes, which let’s face it were a bit bland in the past. Apparently they’ll also be addressing the difficulty for the new game, making the game a bit more playable for more people. That’s a pretty good idea in my book considering how crazy hard some of the surgeries got in the past games (unless maybe you were playing them in 2 player like New Blood). It looks like an interesting bunch of characters and is it just me or is that Spike Spiegel second on the left? When did he become a doctor? 😀 All kidding aside, I’ve been hooked on the Trauma Center series ever since the original DS title and the gameplay never gets old to me…but I would never want to be a real doctor. Make believe is A-OK for me!


  • Resident Evil : Darkside Chronicles – Umbrella Chronicles showed us more of Zero, the first and third games but this time we’re diving into Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica (and maybe more?). The first one was a great use of the Wii zapper and insight into the story of those 3 games as well as filling in more gaps of storyline with the Umbrella compound invasion towards the end of the game. I just hope they can do the same with RE2 and Code Veronica in the Darkside Chronicles.

Thank You for joining us in another installment of the Anticipated series, and please stay tuned for further editions COMING SOON.

– DGM-payne

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