2 things missing from Resident Evil 5

I’m sure you’ve already seen me praise Resident Evil 5 in one of my past posts but there were a couple things that disappointed me a bit…


Sherry Birkin

  • Last Seen : End of Wesker’s Report 1
  • Current Location : Presumed under control/watch of Wesker’s lackeys (according to report)
  • Why? : It was rumored for awhile before RE5 that she would make an appearance in the newest installation thanks to a trailer that showed a mysterious blond woman in a tube but this was debunked when Jill’s role was revealed. So where is Sherry now after she was apprehended post-RE2? I love Jill and all but the Resident Evil staff is missing a great new storyline opportunity if they let Sherry vanish forever. The creators have stated that they’d like to do a reboot of the series with the next game so we’ll just have to see what’s what when we get there.



  • Last seen : Snapping necks in RE4 Mercenaries mode.
  • Current Location : Unknown (but guaranteed to involve badassity)
  • Why? : A mysterious Umbrella operative that’s single handedly kicked ass in numerous hostile zombie encounters and survived everytime, it’s a no-brainer. He’s hands down one of my favorite Resident Evil characters. The guy SNAPPED zombie necks left and right in RE4 (I tried to find a picture of said action but my searches did not turn up much). He’s been a pretty big staple in atleast secondary game modes since RE2 but unfortunately he is missing completely in RE5. I guess there was too many chris and sheva characters in RE5 Mercenaries to fit good ol’ HUNK… :\

Am I right or what?

On a related note, I also can’t wait for the Darkside Chronicles (you might have noticed it made The List). The first one was a great use of the Wii zapper and insight into the story of several of the games as well as expanding  further with the Umbrella compound invasion at the end. I just hope they can do the same with RE2 in the Darkside Chronicles.

Xbox 360 update: It’s one week later and my 360 is finally at the repair center as of today, hopefully it doesn’t take them too long.

– DGM-payne

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