We need a change… (no, this has nothing to do with OBAMA, thanks)

Covering new games all the time gets a little tiring after awhile and I’m looking for a bit of a change of pace, considering how slow this blog has been going lately.

What else do (most) guys like other than the occasional to frequent video gaming?

Fine and bountiful ladies of course!

That is why, starting next week, we’ll be changing course with the Dickening, a more ADULT oriented site dedicated to the gamer who also enjoys a fine looking woman.
You might have noticed that there’s a new Donation section on the sidebar that appeared recently, this is because I still need to buy the appropriate domain and new hosting for this all new site. The link above is for a subdomain that I’ll be using for testing and setting up before I get things ready for the change.

Enough of the talk though, let’s see a sneak peek at some of the ladies the Dickening will cover the latest updates of:

Yuma Asami, ever lovely JAV star.

Yuma Asami, ever lovely JAV star.

Jana Defi (Princessa), well-endowed model of beauty.

Jana Defi (Princessa), well-endowed model of beauty.

Caught your attention, right? 😉

I tried to keep these samples as SFW-ish as possible, but the real content on the new site will be much HOTTER and unrestricted.

Since I have to switch hosts for the new endeavor, please donate anything you can if you believe it’s a good idea (a dollar isn’t that bad, right? or more if you’re feeling ambitious).

Thank you for your help.

– DGM-payne

Remember,  4/6/09 the Dickening begins!

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