“You’re just one of Umbrella’s leftovers…” (RE 5 End Game)

Again, Resident Evil 5 SPOILER WARNING. You’ve been warned…

I actually first finished RE 5 Wednesday last week, but I’ve been doing some of stuff since. I’ll start from the Wesker and Jill battle since that’s about where I left off from last time…

The robed figure in high heels is revealed, enter Jill. I was a little confused about the blond hair at first but apparently it was a result of some of the experimenting while she was in captivity by Wesker (according to one of the files). Anyways, the first part of this battle was dealing with Wesker while the brainwashed Jill gets in the way every once in awhile (and tries to gun you down). You get 7 minutes to damage him as much as you can, damage him a set amount before he leaves and you get a bonus. Not too hard as long as you have a (human) partner to collaberate with and some decently upgraded weapons (may I recommend a magnum?). My cousin and I managed to damage him enough and progressed into the next part. Wesker leaves and the next target becomes apparent, removing the control device from Jill without killing her. I don’t know what it was but this part seemed obscenely long when we were playing together. What you have to do is have Chris talk to Jill to stun her and 1 person restrains while the other pulls the device by rapidly tapping. Doesn’t seem too bad, right? Only we had to do this a crazy amount of times. It made me feel even crappier about my ability to rapidly tap (which was pretty bad to begin with). Listening to Chris say the same 3 or 4 things over and over again wasn’t too much fun either. Eventually we noticed that it was sparking quite a bit, which was a good sign, and pushed on until the end.


Later I had to replay this chapter again because I didn’t receive the chapter achievement, which happened a couple times throughout the game (I guess as a result of joining my cousin’s game), but not biggie really. I noticed a couple things different here on single player though. First of all, let me recommend that if you’re playing it on single DO NOT send AI Sheva on the upper path of the licker room before the Wesker/Jill battle. I tried this the first time and she ran ahead which sent a crazy wave of lickers at both of us. Leave her on the ground to cover you, it’s much easier. As far as the Wesker battle goes, I didn’t have much luck damaging him enough. AI Sheva decided that she would focus on distracting Jill rather than helping me with Wesker. This time I just waited for the timer to run out. Luckily, the Jill part was much easier this time around. I beileve I had the device off in less than 10 tries of pulling. AI Sheva didn’t even do much other than restraining. Maybe this part is just plain easier on single player? Can’t tell excatly yet, but it was alot shorter than co-op.

Next part (and final major portion of the game), the cargo ship!

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