Jill Sandwich (the RE5 journey begins…)

First thing’s first, this post may contain spoilers to the Resident Evil 5 plot. So only read on if you don’t care or you’ve already finished the game (or completed until atleast 5-3, like me). I also promise to stop using sandwich in my post titles.

Let’s begin the operation! (sorry, I had to)

I actually started the game on Sunday, but you know me with the late posts. Anyways, I’ve played through most of the game so far with my cousin over Live co-op and we’ll continue more today. The other day when we hit that flashback where Chris and Jill confront Wesker (even more bad ass than ever, by the way)  in that mansion/castle/whatever I mentioned something. When Jill went flying out the window with Wesker I thought to myself, atleast she didn’t become a Jill Sandwich as Barry Burton so “cleverly” put it in the first game. It was a good larf indeed…

Being as far as we’ve gotten  thus far in the game, I think I can safely judge that not only is Resident Evil 5 a fantastic game in the series but also one of the BEST co-op experiences I’ve had in quite awhile. I haven’t had this much fun in co-op gameplay since the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance (and you can bet I’m hella excited for the sequel to that). Teamwork is essential here. Whether it’s bosses that require the collaberation of 2 people, swapping items between partners (you will be doing this considering the conservative carrying space), driver and gunner teamwork, or a slew of split up or work together puzzles…RE5 has plenty of it all. There are also parts were you can royally screw over your partner, including but not limited to: a bridge that one person cranks up while the other crosses (hoping that it doesn’t release), a raft that one person rides while the other cranks it over crocodile infested waters (and getting chomped at), and a crazy ass laser puzzle room (you might’ve seen something like this in another game). Ain’t partnership a beautiful thing?

Anyways,  I’d like to go a bit more into that crazy ass laser puzzle room since it posed a bit of trouble for us. Sure, the big room with 4 hallways of mirror reflected sun beams of death should’ve seemed like enough…but no. The next part was a series of 3 rooms of rotating mirrors to get the beam from point A to point B, each one deadlier than the last. Oh, and the beam will kill you instantly if you touch it at all. This was hands down our first area of most deaths in the game. FYI, try to make sure your partner is clear of the beam before you rotate it AND try not to rotate yourself into the beam. Needless to say it can end up a bit of a mess with retrys if you’re not extremely careful. Hehe…

All in all, it’s been quite an entertaining journey so far. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the insanity.

Lastly, I hope you all had a good St. Patrick’s day, the day when everyone’s Irish…and corned beef and cabbage rocks.

– DGM-payne

Disclaimer: Riskening.com does not guarantee that sandwich will never be used in a title again. Thank you for your understanding.

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