I could really go for a Sim Sandwich right about now… (or something equivalent)

Here’s the other half…
So around this time in late February is when Dawn of War 2 came out (Hooray!). I had preordered it at best buy but it became backordered and I had to wait a little extra to get mine. When I did finally get it at the very end of the month I was raring to go. It’s an all around great campaign, a bit more squad based and micro managing in an RTS than I’m used to (coming from a massively C&C background) but it’s easy to adapt to. I hear the co-op is pretty bitchin as well (haven’t personally tried it yet unfortunately). It sure as hell beats the cold that I was coming down with around the same time. Luckily it cleared up before I had to go for jury duty on the 4th, but as I had explained to my cousin that day was completely uneventful anyways.

Here’s how my jury duty went down…
Got there about 9am, filled out a couple forms, watched a dumb introduction to petit jury video then some CNN, then after being there for about an hour and a half got called into a backroom with about 20 people where they told us we were no longer needed because the trial they called in extra people for was settled out of court and I was free to go. Didn’t have to sit on a jury and now I’m set for another 6 or 8 years.
Haha…pretty pointless, right? I think I still get the $40 though.

What else happened…
Oh, my mom finally got her new washer after that extremely unfortunate incident from around christmas time. Good news is that insurance covered it AND I don’t have to help lug our clothes over to my grandma’s house every weekend. YAY! Helped my brother and mom put the washer and dryer up on cinder blocks. Next step is looking for a sump pump. There was never a problem with the old washer and dryer during flooding, but I guess there’s just something about the way they make the new ones that can’t take a little bit of water creeping up. Go figure.

We should probably talk about games again…no?
I already talked about Dawn of War 2 earlier, but my other pick for last month would be the Lost and Damned expansion for GTA 4. Back when I first got GTA 4 I didn’t have much of a choice on format since I didn’t have a PS3 yet, but now I’m glad I got the 360 version. TLAD added a decent amount and variety of missions that run parallel and intertwine with Niko’s story, new weapons and vehicles, and a gang war/bike race here and there. Easily 10-20 hours (more if you count online play) of added content for a decent price.

Speaking of good prices though, I got the Simpsons game for the 360 this week for only $8. This game is a goldmine of video game references and even often EA poking fun at themselves as well (or the video game industry at all for that matter). The comic book guy even has you collecting video game cliches along the way, such as exploding barrels, double jumps, etc. I could go on and on about the different kinds of references, but for example in the “Enter the Cheatrix” level where you spend your time in a literal game engine with miserable looking Sonic-ish and Mario-ish characters slaving away, as well as noticing the Doom door opening sound coming from a moving platform is a beautiful thing. The Sim Sandwich part of the title came from a level with Will Wright in it. The cutscenes throughout the game are even brand new cartoon footage (claimed to be over 30min total). Sure, alot of voices are recycled from the show but I really don’t mind at all (and this is coming from someone who grew up with the show). The game is just plain visually beautiful too. The camera is a bit quirky, which is probably this game’s biggest downfall (besides only offline co-op and no other multiplayer), but it still doesn’t take away too much from the game. I’ve had alot more fun with it than I had expected for a game this cheap and I highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested. Here’s the Newegg link to the $8 price with free shipping (still $8 at the time of this posting, saw it go up to $10 once but then it went back down again).


That brings us to one last thing:


The game that I’ve been waiting for years now and watching countless trailers for is finally officially out NOW. My copy of RE 5 collector’s shipped wednesday and I’m just hoping to get it SOONer than later. After watching the last couple of trailers and witnessing the ever increasing bad-assitude of Wesker I nearly crapped myself. This is a glorious friday the 13th. I’ll have more when I actually obtain it.

One last thing, I was going to post this yesterday but apparently it was a bit too windy day and our power went out for a good chunk of the night.


It’s always something, isn’t it?

– DGM-payne

P.S. – The DGM forums are back up now since I finally dug up the index file I required, go ahead for a stay if you please.

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