Follies at Ollie’s (and other Craziness)

(Here’s a random update…ENJOY!)

So I was at Ollie’s Outlet today, it’s a clearance item place for anyone that hasn’t heard of it, and noticed more wackiness than usual (only my second time there since it popped up in my location, but whatever). We first stopped at the Christmas stuff near the front door. My Mom was looking through the christmas cards and I joined in. Everything was fine and dandy until I came across a pack of cards with a photo of two live monkeys on the front (from some zoo foundation or something). I don’t know about you, but nothing says “Happy Holidays” to me like a couple of monkeys hugging in the wilderness. Next up was the book section, which has a wide selection of bibles and inspirational titles for some reason, but that’s not where the larfs were at. You like cooking with chicken, right? Well, you haven’t EVEN scratched the surface until you’ve used the fine title “Now You’re Are Cooking With Chicken” (yes, that seriously was the title), and I only found a price in pounds on the back that only added to the confusion (c’mon brits, step it up). This combined with a DK book about cats found in the cooking section only added to my amusement. You also like puzzles, don’t you? May I recommend SNAKES ON SUDOKUS, the fine official puzzle book of the movie. Moving on…passing through one of the food aisles I noticed at the end…wait, that can’t be real…Crab seasoned popcorn, seriously? No thanks, buddy. Behind all the farce though, I did actually find a few good buys (which is the other half of the allure of ollie’s). Including a copy of Enemy at the Gates (book), Universe At War ($5 game), The Dead Zone (dvd), Suicide Kings/Wagon’s East double feature (dvd), and Blaze of Glory (some 90’s true crime movie, only picked it up because it had Bruce Campbell and only $3 like the rest).

That’s my ollie’s story of the day.

The other part of the night after I got home was spent reading up on how much the WCG200 router/modem combo by Linksys sucks for atleast a good half an hour. I got stuck with one of these when my brother moved into his own place. PLEASE do not considering buying this or any other modem/router combo if you plan on doing anything more than regular web browsing. Limiting the connections while torrenting helped me but it’s only the tip of a huge dung heap of problems (ie. this unit has been known to not play friendly with wireless, port forwarding, vpn, large file transfers, torrenting or anything else with many connections). Do yourself a favor and buy a seperate modem and router, you’ll thank me.


Well, good news is that a new version of WordPress is out and I WILL update it soon. Other than that, expect atleast 1 more post (more if you’re lucky) from me before Christmas.

Until then,


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